Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

- What is the difference between the Senior Photographer option and the default option? 

Our senior photographers have been in the industry for longer and they use more in-depth software and tools to create even better looking images.

- Do you offer videography as well? 

We currently do not provide videography services. However, for most of our customers we offer to do short video snippets for them for free. How does it work? First, when you make an order through our website, leave a note stating that you would like short video snippets taken for you during your event. Next, simply instruct our photographer to take short videos for you during your event, as and when you would like them to do so.

- Are there any hidden costs, such as transportation fees?

We have absolutely no hidden costs whatsoever. We are confident to say that unlike any other photography services providers, we don’t charge for editing, transport, weekend fees, photo touchup costs, online drive spaces, etc.

- Can I change the date and time of my shoot after I have booked?

You can change the date and time subject to the availability of the photographer on that day. Please reach out to us directly on WhatsApp to get the fastest response. 

- What is included in your service? 

Our inclusives are mainly UNLIMITED photos that are all EDITED with no additional costs at all. Our experienced photographers will deliver photos that make you look handsome or beautiful, and your friends and family will be impressed with how you look.

- Can I book for multiple locations and timings? Do I need to make a separate order for each of them?

No you do not but you have to specify under the notes every time you make the booking. Do be aware that the photographers for the 2 timings might be slightly different. 

- Hi, are you available for my date?

We tend to always be available, and we will update you as soon as possible in the event that we are fully booked for that day. 

- Can I get the photographer's number so I can contact him to tell him more about the shoot as well as my preference for how I want my photographs captured?

Rest assured our photographers will reach out to you about 3 days before the shoot so they can introduce themselves and find out more about your shoot so they are aware of how to properly capture the event and images to your liking.

- What if it rains during my shoot? 

You can arrange with our photographer to have the shoot done at an indoor location instead. Alternatively, you may reach out to us via WhatsApp to postpone your shoot to another day.

- Can I extend the duration of my booking on the day of the shoot?

Yes but, it will depend on our photographer's availability. To go about this, you may leave a note when you checkout on our website stating that you may require to extend the shoot. Subsequently you may just make payment for an additional hour, through our website, on the day of the shoot itself.

- How many locations can I shoot at?

You may have your shoot done at as many locations as you would like. Simply purchase the total number of hours that our photographer will be with you for, on our website.

- Will you provide props and back drops?

We are currently unable to provide props and backdrops for our non-studio shoots but, please feel free to prepare your own.

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