Full Refund Policy

Here at Afford-A-Graph we offer a Money-Back guarantee ensuring that we deliver nothing but the best to you. CLICK HERE FOR EXPLAINER!

Here is the process and terms for our policy:

After your photo shoot you will be given 5 sample photographs within 3 working days. If the quality of the photos is satisfactory to you, you can request for the rest of the photographs which will all be edited, and it will be delivered within 5 working days. However, once you have chosen to do so you will no longer be eligible for a refund. In the case that you are unhappy with the 5 sample photographs you may WhatsApp 93924950 for a full refund and we pay you $10 instead!

However, all claims for refund will be subject to our founder's discretion and there will be no refund provided for cancellation of our service. This is to prevent malicious claims and ensure we can continue to do our best in providing our customers with our best effort!

Top Rated Photographers

Our photographers are well trained and we ensure customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Quick Delivery of Images

Our photographers edit the photos quickly to ensure that they look the best but also your family can view them as quickly as possible!

Loved by Thousands Worldwide

Our services are absolutely loved by people in Singapore.

Money Back Guarantee

Nobody is permitted to use our photography services and feel unhappy about it. If we have done a bad job, we will ensure you get your money back instantly. Check out our refund policy here.